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RapidGator Issues & Potential New FileHosts

Hi Everyone!!

Recently RapidGator changed their uploading method… I’m not entirely sure how it works now, but it appears that files ‘upload’, and then the uploaded files hash is checked against a database of forbidden file hashes….

If the file passes the hash check, then the file uploads AGAIN!! Meaning that we need to upload the files essentially twice. Which is a huge and time consuming pain in the ass!!

We’ve been looking at alternative filehosts such as Keep2Share (which is widely used by many other porn sites…. So switching to Keep2Share not only benefits us, but will also benefit yourselves… Giving you the options of using your premium accounts with other sites.

We care about your opinions!! So we want to reach out to you all first before just going ahead and potentially alienating our visitor base!! Which is something that we DON’T want to do!

There would obviously be a transition period, so for the people that have just renewed their premium accounts with RapidGator, we will still be uploading to RapidGator – along side Keep2Share, for a month or so… This all depends on the response of course.

Please spare a couple of seconds to complete the Straw Poll below.

If you have any other ideas or thoughts, please drop them in the comments section!!

Thank You