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This is the end!!

Hi All,
It’s with great sadness to announce that I will no longer be continuing with updating this great site –

This hasn’t been an easy decision to make.

Like yourselves, I too scour the internet looking at porn daily… This is when I came across websites like Cam4, and Chaturbate. I continued my search looking for websites where I could download these shows, I found very few… And the few that I found were using file hosts that no-one had ever heard of. So I thought to myself FUCK IT!! I’ll make a website, and host the content on a well known file host (which was FileFactory at the time).

So I sat down, and coded up a script which would search Chaturbate, and start downloading any live streams automatically.

Unfortunately the process of creating the thumbnails / uploading the content / creating the posts was all manual work. It took a lot of my time. Over time, this was slightly improved, but still a lot of manual work remained.

Over time, new file hosts rose and fell, with FileFactory becoming less popular. I needed to find an alternative. I decided to move all uploads to RapidGator. And RapidGator is where we’ve stayed for a good few years. All was good, until RapidGator decided to update their upload system… It was mega slow!! It would take several days (sometimes a week) to upload approx 4000 shows, whereas before the update it would take a few hours. I tried to move to the more famous ‘porn’ file host Keep2Share, but it wasn’t an easy task. Our storage was very limited, and was used up very quickly. Keep2Share refused to help despite showing them the amount of referrals and ‘sales’ that I had obtained using the RapidGator host. I had no other option but to stay with RapidGator. I’m kinda glad that I did though.

So, now for the real talk… I’m now a parent to a beautiful little girl. And basically home / family life is now a priority. I simply don’t have the time to focus on CamWhores that I once had. It would be unfair to continue this venture.

With that said, I’m glad at what I… no… what WE have achieved. CamWhores wouldn’t of been what it is today without all of you!! 

Currently the last scheduled post is due to be up on 28th January.

I’m open for anyone to contact me if they want to purchase the website –  Send your offers to: [email protected] (Realistic offers only please)

The last 5 years have been a fun ride, but sadly for me… it has to come to an end.

Thank you all again!!

CamWhores Admin!!