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First of all, thank you all for voting!!

As of writing this post, the results are:

CamWhores RAPIDGATOR ISSUES & POTENTIAL NEW FILEHOSTS (PART 2) Site News chaturbate webcam show

There is a clear winner here, and we respect this. Therefore we won’t be “dropping” RapidGator.

However, I feel that due the number of votes that are in favour of switching to Keep2Share, we should ADD the option to download from Keep2Share.

Therefore, for all ‘new’ uploads, we will include links from the following file hosts.

  1. RapidGator
  2. Keep2Share
  3. FileBoom
  4. Publish2
  5. TezFiles

We still have 12,000 posts scheduled for publication which will only provide links for RapidGator, but you will start to see the new posts start to drip through, and eventually take over.

This is what we plan to do anyway…. Whether things actually go to plan or not is to be determined 🙂

Again, thanks for your input, and hopefully by adding more hosts and keeping the one that we already have will help the site grow even further!

Site News

RapidGator Issues & Potential New FileHosts

Hi Everyone!!

Recently RapidGator changed their uploading method… I’m not entirely sure how it works now, but it appears that files ‘upload’, and then the uploaded files hash is checked against a database of forbidden file hashes….

If the file passes the hash check, then the file uploads AGAIN!! Meaning that we need to upload the files essentially twice. Which is a huge and time consuming pain in the ass!!

We’ve been looking at alternative filehosts such as Keep2Share (which is widely used by many other porn sites…. So switching to Keep2Share not only benefits us, but will also benefit yourselves… Giving you the options of using your premium accounts with other sites.

We care about your opinions!! So we want to reach out to you all first before just going ahead and potentially alienating our visitor base!! Which is something that we DON’T want to do!

There would obviously be a transition period, so for the people that have just renewed their premium accounts with RapidGator, we will still be uploading to RapidGator – along side Keep2Share, for a month or so… This all depends on the response of course.

Please spare a couple of seconds to complete the Straw Poll below.

If you have any other ideas or thoughts, please drop them in the comments section!!

Thank You

Site News

No Updates Recently??


You’ve probably noticed that there hasn’t been any updates recently. We are aware of this, and we’re working to get some more updates going.

Our primary filehoster RapidGator made some changes to their uploading script, which unfortunately broke our method of uploading.

Ours is now fixed, and is currently uploading 10,000 files (approx 50TB). This will probably take a couple of days to complete, but a huge set of updates are coming. Hopefully by the end of the year!!

Have a good Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!!

PornWhores is still active with new updates, so stop by for your daily fix 🙂

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** Introducing PornWhores ** (Sticky)


Just a quick message, we’ve decided to split CamWhores into two separate sites.

  1. CamWhores for just the webcam shows
  2. PornWhores for just the porn shows

CamWhores ** Introducing PornWhores ** (Sticky) Site News chaturbate webcam show

Hope you enjoy PornWhores and our new themes.


Site News

Awesome Porn Area

Just to let you know that we’ve scheduled a shit ton of new content for our “Awesome Porn” section.
You should start seeing the new content appear tomorrow. Please check it out 🙂


Site News

(Sticky) – Restoring CamWhores To How It Used To Be

Hi Everyone,

Well as you’ve probably already noticed, we have reinstated the advertising material on CamWhores.
Our temporary experimentation period of trying to resort to purely premium sales rather than advertising, has found that advertising wins hands down.

We have removed the restriction on Rapidgator (premium files only)… This has now be changed back to how it previously was – 30 second wait time (the lowest Rapidgator allows you to go), and then a slow download (if your not using a premium account of course).

You can still get your own premium account by following this link. By using this link, you’ll be using our affiliate code and that will help us a lot!

Buy A Premium Account – Click Here

Well worth it, in my opinion.

Thank you for your support.

CamWhores (Sticky) - Restoring CamWhores To How It Used To Be Site News chaturbate webcam show

Site News

(Sticky) – Removing Popups and Changing Download Limitations

Hi Everyone,

From today, as a temporary experiment, we are removing popups. We know it’s annoying, and you know it’s annoying.

As an alternative source of income to help run the website, we have also decided today to make all downloads available to those that only have premium accounts.

You can get your own premium account by following this link. By using this link, you’ll be using our affiliate code and that will help us a lot!

Buy A Premium Account – Click Here

Well worth it, in my opinion.

Thank you for your support.

CamWhores (Sticky) - Removing Popups and Changing Download Limitations Site News chaturbate webcam show

Site News

First Batch of Rapidgator Links


Just a quick update. FileFactory links are back online for FREE users. I don’t know how long this will remain – it’s up to FileFactory I guess.

We’ve just scheduled the first batch of approx 2500 posts with RapidGator links. These will start publishing today / tomorrow onwards (along side the currently scheduled Filefactory posts).

Some of these posts will contact multiple links… These links are 1GB each – which may make up a total file size of 3GB for instance.

I have mentioned that you should use HJSplit to join these files together, however it looks like you can just use WinRAR… Which might be much easier for some of you.

That’s all for now. We’ll see how we go with Rapidgator.
CamWhores First Batch of Rapidgator Links Site News chaturbate webcam show

Thanks for the support.

Site News

** Problem with FileFactory – Switching to another host **

So it appears that we’re having a few issues with FileFactory (FF).
Our account is currently under a “temporary suspension”. We’ve contacted FF about this, but no reply as of yet.

Until FF reply, it’s not currently clear if they don’t want our uploaded content, or if it’s just a multiple login issue??

Nonetheless, we still need to bring you content!!
We currently have posts with FF links scheduled up until 26th November, so this will suite most of you with premium accounts.


We plan to replace FF with RapidGator (RG) – sooner rather than later because of the issues that we’re currently experiencing with FF.


CamWhores ** Problem with FileFactory - Switching to another host ** Site News chaturbate webcam show



Site News


Hi CamWhore Lovers,

Recently we conducted a poll, on how many of you wanted to see some main stream porn on the site.

The majority of you said no, but we thought… FUCK IT, we’ll post it anyway lol.

In this category (Awesome Porn), you will find a selection of random porn videos.

There will be no porn star names, no titles, just screenshots and full on porn!!

This content will be hidden from the main page, so to access it, you will have to click on the “Awesome Porn” button at the top of the page.

There will be new porn videos posted every day – just like the unique cam videos that we post.



Site News

Quick Poll – To Expand or Not To Expand ? – THE RESULTS !! (Sticky Post)


Thank you for taking part in the poll that we’ve had going for the last week or so.

Your opinions mean a lot to us, and we take everything on board!! (well, almost everything)

Your decision is to stick with the CAM videos. We respect this, and we will continue as we are, posting great quality cam content.

Thank you, and we hope you are enjoying CamWhores as much as we are!!

Site News

Quick Poll – To Expand or Not To Expand ? (Sticky Post)

Hi !!

Please spare a few moments to vote on the new poll… Over there —–>

CamWhores has come quite a long way since starting up, and we’re growing quite nicely thanks to you.


We’re currently thinking about expanding our network to include proper porn videos – as well as your daily cam vids.

99% of these ‘proper’ porn videos will be at least 720P resolution.

These porn vids will most likely be on a subdomain… So they won’t interfere with your current experience of CamWhores.


We like to do things… differently.

So therefore, instead of posting all of the ‘new’ video clips that were released that day (like most of the other adult blogs)… we’ll mix it up a bit by posting some older content.

I think it will keep us unique compared to all of the other blogs.


Anyway, thanks for your time.

Now get back to jerking your chicken!! But vote first 🙂 Or do both, I don’t really give a fuck lol


Site News



We are recovering from a DDOS attack.

Please bear with us. We’ll be fully operational again shortly.



CamWhores Admin

Site News

Filehost Update Announcement


CamWhores is currently uploading all content to FileFactory.

Unfortunately FileFactory has a 5GB filesize limit. So that means any cam captures that are over 5GB need to be split and uploaded seperately…

Which is a complete ball ache!!

1fichier have a filesize limit of 50GB, which is more than ideal for us.

They also have a Winter Sale on at the moment, and a 1 Year Premium Account only costs €10 which is awesome!!

We have come to the decision that all future videos that are above 5GB in size will be uploaded to 1fichier.

Everything else will still remain on FileFactory – for now. However, we may move to 1fichier altogether – depending on our experience.

We’ll keep you updated.