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The Differences Between Adult Date Sites

Are you looking for Ms. Perfect and Ms. Right and would like to court her with flowers, a nice 5-star restaurant dinner, and maybe walk down the pier with her to watch the sunset? There are dating sites for that. Are you the type of guy who doesn’t want to know the name of the chicks that you’re banging and just want some hot, eager, nasty, sticky sex? There are tons of adult sex meet sites for that. One of the best fuckforfree sites I know of is These different online and adult dating sites all have their own unique sub culture. These sub cultures have their own internal rules.

What may be fucked up and disrespectful in one setting may be completely acceptable in another and vice versa. What may seem like antiquated and corny, or even cheesy in one particular sub-culture might be the ideal in another area. Of course, different areas, subsets, and sub-cultures have their own advantages and disadvantages.

From my experience, dating sub-cultures that pay a premium for appearances of propriety tend to be quite hypocritical. They also tend to be quite fearful and that’s why a lot of the people that engage in there turn out to be cheaters. It’s quite documented that a lot of “romantic” dating sites are actually populated by married men. Can you imagine that? The whole idea of classical romance, of course, is honesty, honest attraction, and unfortunately, trying to bang single chicks while you’re married with kids flies in the face of that.

On the other extreme, there are other surprises as well. You’d be surprised as to how almost quasi-religious otherwise free sex websites could be. It really boggles the mind that there’s a lot of politeness and there are a lot of people helping each other out anonymously by sending funds to a Go Fund Me page because somebody got an accident.

So what does this tells us about modern culture? Well, it tells us that we should not look in terms of stereotypes because stereotypes of propriety and good conduct can only give some measure of assurance if they’re consistent. But if anything, modern American culture has shown that the only constant, really, is hypocrisy.